Culture in the English - Speaking World

The series includes cross-cultural lessons, grammar, vocabulary or skill development, games, raps and communicative activities and everyday, practical English.

Tried and tested by teachers around the world, these are full of imaginative, lively activities and perfect for introducing, consolidating or practising recently taught structures and lexical sets.

Many books come with audio CDs, or with a free poster to brighten up your classroom walls!

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Customs and Lifestyle in the English-speaking World + CD

Level: Intermediate - Upper Intermediate (B1-B2) This informative resource presents aspects of l..

€20.58 Ex Tax: €20.58

Customs and Lifestyle in the UK & Ireland

Pre Intermediate - Upper Intermediate (A2 - B2) This stimulating resource provides a real insigh..

€20.58 Ex Tax: €20.58

Festivals and Special Days in Britain

Level: Pre Intermediate - Upper Intermediate (A2 - B2) This book is an enjoyable, exciting and i..

€20.58 Ex Tax: €20.58

For Real! English in Everyday Situations + CD

Level: Intermediate (B1) This book offers teachers a wealth of activities based on reading and l..

€15.71 Ex Tax: €15.71

Holidays and Special Days in the USA

Level: Elementary - Upper Intermediate (A1 - B2) Students learning English need to familiarise t..

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Level: Elementary - Intermediate (A1 - B1) This book contains a variety of reading texts, activi..

€20.58 Ex Tax: €20.58

New York

Level: Elementary - Intermediate (A1 - B1) Most students studying English will have an interest ..

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Teen Life - UK! + DVD

Level: Intermediate - Advanced (B1 - C1) Teenagers live and breathe a world of sophisticated med..

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