Guess What! Pupil's Book

Guess What! Pupil's Book

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Guess What! Pupil's Book

Children are full of questions and naturally curious about the world around them. Through the power of the camera lens Guess What! taps into this curiosity and sparks interest in topics from across the curriculum.

The Guess What! Pupil's Book features nine highly visual units, including a Welcome unit, full of beautiful photography, enriching stories, cross-curricular content and plenty of varied language and skills practice.

Building confidence through success

Language syllabus, based on the Cambridge YLE exams, introduced in small chunks to help learners achieve success with each lesson

Improved pronunciation and spelling thanks to focus on sounds of English and the relation between sounds and letters in ‘Say it’ sections.

Enriching adventure stories prepare children for success in life by teaching them social values

Regular progress checks with Revision spreads every two units

Plus many different language practice opportunities including songs, chants, pair and group work, and personalisation activities.

Improving proficiency across content areas

Beautiful photography opening each unit and CLIL lesson make learners want to learn more about the topics

Content (CLIL) lessons with fascinating video documentaries improve learners’ proficiency across a wider curriculum

Projects at the end of every unit to consolidate children’s subject knowledge and language skills in a creative and hands-on way.