Dabei! A2.2: Kursbuch

Dabei! A2.2: Kursbuch

  • Publisher: Hueber
  • ISBN: 978-3-19-501781-7
  • €9.88
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Young learners of German (11-15 years) at home and abroad

There! consists of two half-volumes for each level.

- The course book is divided into 4 modules ("subject areas"), each with 3 short, varied lessons.

- The entry into the module is an image-text page with an introductory task and the announcement of all module topics and learning objectives.

- In each module, a humorous protagonist story develops, which offers the young people a wide range of opportunities for identification.

- At the end of each module recurring rubrics such as regional studies, project work, language mediation, tasks for the films and a module summary with examples

- Magazine pages with game ideas, regional information on festivals and celebrations as well as tasks on the films from the media package at the end of the course book

- Lots of listening texts as an impulse, for reading along and for checking

- integrated pronunciation exercises

- many exercises with the possibility of self-control

- Extra column for systematising and repeating what has been learned

- transparent, clear layout with lots of photos and illustrations as well as modern types of text (e.g. chat)

- mutual reference system between course book and work book

With the app , all audios and films can be conveniently called up on a tablet PC or smartphone.

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