New Hallo Anna: Lehrbuch 3 mit CDs

Hallo Anna: Lehrbuch 3 mit CDs

  • Publisher: Klett
  • ISBN: 9783126760669
  • €15.55
  • Ex Tax: €15.55

"Hallo Anna" is a three level beginner course for children. Level one is aimed at children who are just learning to read and write in their native language. The course focuses on the development of speaking skills and listening comprehension and teaches basic vocabulary and expressions. Taking into account the natural desire of young children to play and be actively involved in their learning, the course contains appealing drawings, photos, songs, comic strips and numerous games. The textbook consists of 8 chapters, plus an appendix on holidays and festivals. The 2 accompanying audio-CDs contain all the listening texts and catchy songs sung by young native German singers. In addition to exercises, the workbook contains colourful stickers and things to make. The teachers' book offers many helpful methodological tips on how to use the course, picture cards and master copy sheets.

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