New Jana und Dino 2 Arbeitsbuch - Interaktive Version

Jana und Dino 2 Arbeitsbuch - Interaktive Version

  • Publisher: Hueber
  • ISBN: 9783191810610
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Jana and Dino 2 Workbook – Interactive Version
For non-literate children or children who are being literate in their native language at the same time.
Volume 2: Listening and speaking with initial reading and writing
Jana and Dino teaches the German language in an action-oriented and communicative manner based on a humorous protagonist story.
The language is imitative with a gentle introduction to reading and writing for the first time.
The focus is on rhythmic learning with additional exercises for painting, cutting out, puzzles and crafts that encourage the children to speak.
Speech bubbles with model solutions help teachers, parents and children.